The Mobile

Yoowifi is a Singapore-based company that provides global and local internet services with the use of mobile broadband devices operating on the cloud-managed technology, which connects you to the best network in your area.

Fast Working Process

With VSIM technology, you will always be on the best network with high availability and up time.

No extra fees

With just a single flat fee, you’ll enjoy Unlimited Data access with no excess usage charges. So stream away without worries!

Instant activation

Activation is instant and hassle free, no messy and expensive installation required. Yoowifi provides same-day delivery.

For Personal

In the Home

For the ones that love to relax in the comfort of their home.


For the ones that enjoy experiencing different cultures and taking on the world.

On The Go

For the ones that entertain themselves between the hustle and bustle of life.

For Business


Yoowifi’s connectivity solutions can be deployed in any of its 140+ countries around the world.

Zero Touch
On Demand

With our online management portal, services can be preconfigured and pushed from the cloud.


Our multihoming ability leverages our partnerships with multiple telcos to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and availability of service in any location.

Cost Efficient

Using vSIM technology, Yoowifi provides cost-efficient data services to you removing the need for hefty roaming charges.

Download the Yoowifi App to access our services and manage your data easily!