Yoowifi offers enterprises and global service providers an all-in-one managed solution of LTE data, equipment and 24/7 support. Get business internet anywhere, installed locally but globally managed access for your remote sites, retail outlets or events.

Global Coverage

Yoowifi’s connectivity solutions can be deployed in any of its 140+ countries around the world. With its unique CloudSIM solution, no physical sim card is required to be plugged in. Getting connected is as simple as powering on.

Multihoming Network

Our multihoming ability leverages our partnerships with multiple telcos to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and availability of service in any location. This allows for continued connectivity in the event of an outage or service issue ensuring high availability of service.

Zero Touch On Demand

With our online management portal, services can be preconfigured and pushed from the cloud. You can create connectivity on-demand and allows zero-touch deployment, removing the need for technical expertise on the ground.

Cost Efficient Service

Using vSIM technology, Yoowifi provides cost-efficient data services to you removing the need for hefty roaming charges. Yoowifi changes sim on the fly as you cross between countries reducing your telecommunications spend.


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