Maritime Internet

Let us navigate your internet needs on the high seas. We can keep your crew connected and business afloat with our solutions. Therefore, no matter where the vessel roams, you can enjoy broadband without borders.

  • Single or Multiple Countries
  • Fast deployment
  • Customised solution to keep your team globally connected

Small device, big connectivity! Enjoy high-speed internet access, without worrying about expensive roaming charges or unreliable hotel wifi.


Seamless, speedy browsing starts with our top-notch routers. Take your internet experience to new heights with us!


Revolutionize your mobile experience with our eSIM technology. Discover the freedom of virtual connectivity!

Our Customers

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Device arrived way before the trip and has no issue with connection when in Taiwan. Customer service is helpful and responsive to support even before the trip. 👍
Daniel JIa Qiang
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Second time using this service, I must say it is very cost effective and internet is very stable and fast. Battery life is very very good too compared to other wifi router providers, it lasts 8 hours easily. Worth it!
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This is hands down the BEST pocket wifi i’ve ever rented. The battery seems to last FOREVER, not exaggerating. Expected it to run out of juice in 8 hours but it was still going strong even after 12 hours of non-stop usage. Super impressed.
Grant Kimmuel
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best eSIM deal for Bali/ Indonesia 💙 you can activate it before your trip and it is valid for 30 days. merchant's (Yoowifi) customer service is also very responsive! 🫶🏽
Mario Jr
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Cheap, easy and effective. I used to always seek out physical travel SIMs, but eSIMs have opened my eyes and I’m never going back! This is the future 😎

Our Partners

Together, we’re building the future of connectivity as our partnership will be more than just talk.

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Other Solutions

Business Continuity Plan

Yoowifi offer a technological solution that provides a robust and highly redundant platform to keep your business connected and continue operating despite uncertainties.

In-vehicle Connectivity

Yoowifi supply the necessary bandwidth for secure transmission and receipt of data, whether it is being transmitted in-state or across different countries.

Remote Working

Utilizing cloud-managed mobile devices that are easy to deploy, we can offer the required connectivity quickly to maintain business resilience while operating remotely.